The now infamous Seussical Tree

February 29, 2016Personal

Of all the artwork I’ve done, a couple pieces have surprised me by their popularity. Horton’s tree from Seussical is one of those pieces. Here are a couple of progress shots of the tree during construction. It started out as several 2×4’s constructed into a ladder with a platform at the top. Then foam sheets were added to create the forms and basic structure. Paper mache was applied in layers to smooth out the forms and join the messy edges of the foam. The top of the tree was added by cutting leaves out of foam, gym mats. This gave the leaves a nice, springy effect: the whole top bounced and swayed while Horton moved during the performance. Lastly, the entire tree was painted…and the performance began! The kids did a fantastic job. I hope to be posting pictures from Cinderella soon.

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Hello from Hogwarts!

February 29, 2016Personal

Eight years ago, I won an online contest to draw a fan-art cover for the last Harry Potter novel. After that, I was asked to create the artwork of the Oxford skyline for an academic conference (Accio) in England,  discussing the cultural relevance of these books to the current literary world. While I did not get to go to Oxford at the time, I did get to visit recently, and it was amazing! London and Oxford are both full of history and art and beautiful things that I had only seen in books until now. I did get to stand in the steeple of the church just over Hedwig’s wing and look down over the inspiring landscape where J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis taught and created the books that would fill my childhood imagination. Accio memories!

Snakes. Why did it have to be Snake…Arts?

February 29, 2016Snakes

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to my new portfolio site. I thought it was time to update things and get a new look and a new name. Snake Arts was the first website I ever had. It was a joint business venture with Jim and Debi Rogers (Nearly Native Nursery) to create and produce snake themed “stuff.” I don’t have any of that old “stuff” left, but because pictures of that “stuff” are still floating around the internet, I was contacted to sculpt more snakes for movies and museums. I hope you like the new look and the new (old) name as much as I do.


Lions, Robots and Red Kites…

February 28, 2016Personal

Lions, Robots and Red Kites… Goodbye Beauty and the Beast doorway (nice keystone memento though,) hello battle flag for Rex Machina Robotics and Red kites for Mary Poppins! Busy day.

Art, like music or a sunset, does not have to last.

February 28, 2016Ephemeral

Art, like music or a sunset, does not have to last.
Ephemeral Art is a fleeting experience: a performance remembered. For several years, JL Cook has been working with Sand Sculpt USA and Pumpkin Sculpt USA creating pumpkin and sand carvings to delight the visitors of the Bronx Zoo in NYC as well as other venues. She has also created sets and props for stage and movies to enhance the magic of the moment.