“Poison” and Paris!

October 11, 2018Snakes

I can finally share! The “Poison” Exhibit at the Palais de la Decouverte (Palace of Discovery) in Paris is now open! http://www.palais-decouverte.fr/fr/accueil/ This is the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox) that I sculpted for a tactile display for the museum. The museum itself is a fantastic work of art, and the exhibit is truly impressive. This exhibit showcases live animals and explores venomous creatures, venom’s purpose and its potential for cures to disease. This project and the location was the height of so many different passions for me: snakes, architecture and problem-solving.

Cold-cast bronze rattlesnake sculpture


Palais Découverte in Paris

Uncoiled, this snake is a “true to life,” 5 feet long, and is the largest snake I’ve ever sculpted. It is accurate to species, and I’ve been told “feels like the real thing.” I had a lot of great help on reference, posture and anatomy from Rob Clark and several fantastic facebook groups. Thanks everyone! These sculptures will also be available on the Etsy store in “Cold-cast” bronze (resin) and a version (tail up and buzzing) will also be available in true, fire-kissed Bronze…as soon as I find a foundry that can cast it.

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake sculpture. JL Cook
Sculpture in progress with reference photo.
Work in Progress – Western Diamondback Rattlesnake sculpture

Crazy snakes (crazy artist) and HOW its done

March 27, 2018Snakes

I keep getting asked HOW I sculpt the rattlesnakes: Do I cast off of a dead snake? Do I have a special tool to make the scales? Do I have a special technique? The answer to all of these questions is “no.” I use traditional sculpting techniques and a LOT of patience and a LOT of photos and live observation. I also ask a lot of questions of people who know and keep these snakes. I am always looking for feedback and suggestions about structure and even scale count!

I start with a clay coil to get the “gesture” of the snake to confirm the pose. I then use epoxy putty over wire to to  “flesh out” the body and muscles under the scales. Once I am happy with underlying body and how it moves and forms when it contacts the ground and itself, I add lines down the length of the snake to guide the scale count and spacing. Then one by one, I add the scales. Once all the scales are placed and the geometry looks correct, I go back and sculpt each keel ridge and edge…over and over thousands of times. Easy! 

Work in Progress: a pair of rattlesnake door handles

Snake Arts is now at Etsy!

March 12, 2018Snakes

Snake Arts is now at Etsy! I am opening a tiny little storefront to make my work available for purchase. I do all the sculpting, molding, casting, finishing and shipping myself, so please bear with me. I will only offer what I currently have finished. The striking rattlesnake door handle (in cold-cast bronze resin) is there, as well as a small python wall sculpture and a very limited edition silver boa pendant. I am working on bringing back several cabinet pull designs and the rattlesnake bolo tie as well as the new female Diamondback rattlesnake sculpture (in cold-cast bronze resin.) I hope you will take a look and share with all your snake-loving friends!


Or just click on the orange link at the top of the SNAKES page!

Python in weathered copper, etc…

New work! Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

December 1, 2017Snakes

Finally! Soon this little lady will be going to the foundry to be transformed into bronze! (for a door handle) Fully sculpted both front and back, so that it can be seen through a glass door from all sides! No pricing yet.

A little update

August 30, 2016Snakes

FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender IMG_6060

Here is a little sneak peek of the maquette for my homage to Rene Lalique. He was such a master of so many media and subjects, especially sexy serpents! I was trying to really concentrate on the lines and forms to achieve more “art” and less “scales,” while keeping all the SNAKE. This will be another wall mounted sculpture and available only in bronze. I will post pictures of the final, along with sizes and patina options. Three more life-size rattlesnakes to go before I can get back to this sexy snake…

Bronze…finally bronze!

May 13, 2016Snakes

I finally have BRONZE! Real, fire-kissed, bronze, Rattlesnake Door handles. Here are some more pictures of the handle, and (hopefully) answers to several questions. I had two bronzes cast, one sold immediately and shipped today; I have one left, but given time, I can have more cast that are just as beautiful, I just need to give the foundry several weeks (8-12+.)  To purchase either a bronze or “cold-cast” resin handle, please email me or PM me through Facebook (JL Cook, sculptor). I do not have retail capabilities yet, but I will work with PayPal, money order or check. The bronze is currently $12oo USD plus shipping and the “cold-cast” is $200 USD plus shipping. The sculpture for both is identical, only the final material is different. “Cold-cast” bronze is a resin filled with bronze powder; it is durable and useable for indoor, but will not be suitable for exterior use. Bronze (lost-wax) is real, foundry-cast metal and can withstand constant, daily use; it is practically impervious to most elements other than a volcanic eruption (think Pompeii) or dragon fire. Both have bolts either welded or embedded into the back for mounting through a door.

I do not currently have other items for sale, but I AM working on that. Yes, I do take commissions. All of the previous snake items are sold or retired. I would like to have a smaller version of the Emerald Tree Boa door knocker, a Rattlesnake Tail door knocker (very similar to the drawer pull,) and a belt buckle by the end of summer. I hope I’ve answered some questions and you enjoy the photos.

Thank you for all your kind words so far, I truly appreciate it!

Detail of underside of bronze Rattlesnake Door knocker
Detail of underside of bronze Rattlesnake Door handle
Bronze Rattlesnake - closeup
Bronze Rattlesnake – closeup
Tail detail - Bronze Rattlesnake Door Handle
Tail detail – Bronze Rattlesnake Door Handle
Both Bronze Handles together
Both Bronze Handles together
Lost-wax Bronze casting of Rattlesnake Door Handle
Lost-wax Bronze casting of Rattlesnake Door Handle

Snakes. Why did it have to be Snake…Arts?

February 29, 2016Snakes

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to my new portfolio site. I thought it was time to update things and get a new look and a new name. Snake Arts was the first website I ever had. It was a joint business venture with Jim and Debi Rogers (Nearly Native Nursery) to create and produce snake themed “stuff.” I don’t have any of that old “stuff” left, but because pictures of that “stuff” are still floating around the internet, I was contacted to sculpt more snakes for movies and museums. I hope you like the new look and the new (old) name as much as I do.