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Matched Pair of Rattlesnake Entrance Sculptures (Open Edition BRONZE)


BRONZE Rattlesnake Door Handle Sculptures



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Matched Pair of Bronze Rattlesnake Entrance Sculptures

Left/Male and Right/Female

These are a matched, but NOT symmetrical, pair of Fine Art quality, solid Bronze Entrance Sculptures/ Door Handles. They were originally created for the Chiricahua Desert Museum in Rodeo, New Mexico, and are true to species (Crotalus atrox) and scale count. Every curve and scale is sculpted by JL Cook through careful study and observation. Both snakes are sculpted completely, including the belly scales, and are made to be seen from both sides through glass doors.

The Left/Male rattlesnake is approximately 42.5 cm (16.75 inches) long x 13 cm (5 inches) wide x 8.25 cm (3.25 inches) projection from the door. The Right/Female is approximately 36.5 cm (14.5 inches) long x 15.5 cm (6 inches) wide x 8.25 cm (3.25 inches) projection from the door.  Both handles are drilled and tapped to accept bolts at 10 inches (25.4 cm) apart on center, and have matching hardware and rosettes. At this time, these can NOT be set back to back. These sculptures/handles can be displayed outdoors and will withstand heavy use. Real bronze only improves with age, as the color (patina) grows richer and the highlights are polished with wear.

These are an “Open Edition” and any number can be cast for purchase. They are hand cast and finished at Pyrology Foundry (formerly Deep in the Heart Art Foundry) in Texas and are Fine Art quality Bronze.

Due to the costs of foundry production, these are CAST TO ORDER, and the foundry requires 8-12 weeks for production.

Prices CAN change based on availability, production costs and metal prices!

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