Scam and Counterfeit Info

Website posts featuring snake door handles

On June 2nd 2021, I became aware that many of my photos of my sculptures had been stolen from my website. These photos have been used for hundreds of fake ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other websites. NONE of these ads or websites are legitimate and they do NOT have permission to sell my sculptures or use my photographs. Angry, duped buyers have shared photos of at least 2 COUNTERFEIT versions of my Matched Pair of Rattlesnake Entrance Sculptures made of cheap plastic from China, and a copycat design (still copyright infringement) sold on Etsy.

Below, are screenshots of these fake ads, fake websites and an ever-expanding list of fraudulent websites using these stolen images. Please DO NOT purchase anything from these ads or websites, and report any ad you see using my images.

MANY other artists and creators are being targeted by these scams. PLEASE exercise caution when shopping online or sharing on Social Media, simple “likes” and “shares” promote these scams. PLEASE contact the creator if you see their work being pirated.

Scam and Counterfeits

The ever-growing list of SCAMMERS. These URLs vary from .net, .shop, .com, and others. ALL had multiple social media accounts and ALL were scammers.

A list of scam sites and their extensions

Screenshot of one of the FAKE websites.

Snake door handles on shop

Images shared by an angry buyer. If you purchased anything from any store on the list above, you were scammed.

Door handle features
A store selling snake door handles
A store selling fake snake door handles
A broken piece of a door handle